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Mobility in Romania

On May 26–30, the project partners – representatives of Spain, Turkey, Slovakia and Lithuania – participated in the meeting of the Erasmus + project “Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness” of the International Education Exchange Fund in Romania, at the Dorohoi Seminarul Teologic Liceal Orthodox School.

The main goal of the project is to promote students’ and teachers’ understanding of wedding traditions in the world, cultural heritage, enrich students’ knowledge and develop their language skills.

The whole week was active and full of excitement. On the first day of the meeting, the project participants were greeted by students and teachers of the Seminarul Teologic Liceal Orthodox School with bread and salt in their hands. The guests were pleasantly surprised by the warm reception – the students not only prepared a beautiful musical performance, but also invited them to meet with the mayor of the town. Subsequently, each country participating in the project presented the activities implemented in their schools. The members of the project were welcomed by the team of inspectors general of the Erasmus + project in Botosani, we got to know the city and its culture and learned traditional dances. We visited the fortress, the monastery, the UNESCO heritage buildings and the sights of the Bucovina region in Suceava. It was a great opportunity to learn about the ancient traditions of our ancestors. Students presented prepared slides about their country, school, wedding traditions and wedding attire, and tasted traditional dishes prepared by the school community. Our project was crowned by a great musical performance by Romanian students, conveying a traditional wedding ceremony.


 A Romanian town Dorohoi was our second destination. For most of us it was an unknown town and the country. Before the mobility itself the students checked their basic knowledge about this country by answering several questions: The first link:

Our Romanian partners for us prepared many interesting activities related to the Romanian weddings and customs. Let see how much we remember by filling up this questionnaire:

Erasmus+ project s mobility in Romania