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Meeting in Slovakia

The Erasmus+ project named WETCA (Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness) joined five countries Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania together to seek a better result finding about different cultures. The very beginning of the project was the teachers’ meeting in Slovakia at the end of September 2021. All the coordinators and other teachers who came discussed the project, it’s duration, all the works that are needed to be done, mobilities, tasks, and many other things while enjoying the hospitality of the Slovakian people. This meeting was crucial for the project.

The experience of the participants in the “Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness” project of the international educational exchange fund ERASMUS+ in Slovakia

Siauliai “Santarves” gymnasium team in 2023 on May 8-12, participated in the last meeting of the international educational exchange fund Erasmus+ project “Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness” in Slovakia, at the Dolny Kubin school.

Project partners: representatives of Spain, Romania, Turkey and Lithuania. The main goal of the project is to expanding and deepen the knowledge of students and teachers about wedding traditions in different cultures, to develop cultural awareness, to enrich students’ knowledge of the English language, and to develop communication and cooperation competencies.

The stay in Slovakia was active, full of excitement and new experiences. On the first day of the meeting, the students and teachers of Dolny Kubin welcomed the project participants. At the school, the participants of the project “Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness” were introduced, various games were played and reports were presented on various topics of the project.

During our stay, we visited a traditional Slovak village, the extraordinarily beautiful Orava Castle, met the mayor of the city, and participated in various project activities. Working in groups, students performed various tasks: they created invitations, made wedding decorations, performed wedding songs and dances. At the end of the project, we saw a theatrical traditional Slovak wedding prepared by Dolny Kubin schools and the town community.

The project “Wedding Traditions, Cultural Awareness” provided an opportunity to get to know the world, get to know different cultures and once again proved that friendship is the wonderful thing that unites people from different parts of the world.

1. Questionnaire before the mobility in Slovakia :

2. Questionnaire after the mobility in Slovakia :
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