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Woven ribbons

Woven ribbons are a heritage of the Lithuanian nation, they were very important, so you could find them in every hut. “In the life of the Lithuanian nation, the ribbon accompanied a person all the time – from birth to the grave. Our grandparents wrapped the baby in a diaper and wrapped it with ribbons. In the homes of the older generation and now we would find at least one national woven ribbon arriving for a wedding, anniversary or some other occasion. In Lithuanian folk culture, the weaving of ribbons is most evident in the tradition of weddings. The girls spent most of the time just before the wedding to have something to give to the matchmaker or the carriers. The ribbon is like a link connecting to the higher world. At the wedding, the best connection between the people and the sphere was made through the tied towels and ribbons, and the long fabrics donated were the spiritual mediators of both families.


Siauliai „Santarves“ gymnasium

Students of 8-11 classes

Teachers: D. Jovaišienė and K. Mituzienė

Collage. Wedding clothes and accessories. Integrated art and English lesson

Wedding clothes in Lithuania